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Action Required to receive your 2013 Form W-2

Action Required to receive your 2013 Form W-2

By consenting to print your 2013 Form W-2 through DOT you will obtain your Form W-2 up to two weeks earlier than employees who receive theirs through the mail, you will determine when you print your W-2, and you will help the City’s budget savings efforts by reducing printing and mailing costs.

Sign me up!
1. Log on to DOT
2. Click on Electronic W-2 Consent under My W-2 Information.
3. Follow the instructions on the screen

What's the deadline?
The last day that you can consent to print your own 2013 Form W-2 online is Friday, January 10th, 2014.

While you are there:
Verify your address: After you consent to accept your 2013 Form W-2 electronically, please be advised that we will not mail your 2013 Form W-2 to you; however, having your current address on file assures that you receive important information, such as benefits updates in a timely manner. If you do need to update your address, check out our Update your Profile page.

What is next?
Once your 2013 Form W-2 is ready to print, we will notify you through email that your W-2 Form is ready on DOT. You can then log into your DOT account to retrieve the 2013 Form W-2.

Do I need special paper?
No. Your electronic 2013 Form W-2 can be printed on standard 8½” by 11” paper, on your standard printer (black and white, or color).

Can I print it from home?
For your security, you will access your electronic 2013 Form W-2 through the City’s secure intranet site: DOT. For this reason, you must be signed into the City’s network to access your electronic 2013 Form W-2.

Since I don’t have regular access to DOT, I receive my paycheck stubs in the mail. May I receive an electronic 2013 Form W-2 instead of it being mailed to me?
As long as you have access to log into DOT, you may consent to receive an electronic 2013 Form W-2. Once you consent to the electronic version of the 2013 Form W-2, one will not be mailed to your home address.

What will happen if I sign up to receive the Form W-2 electronically, but then separate from the City before the form is available?
Before we print the Form W-2s that will be mailed, we will run reports to see who has consented and is no longer employed with the City. If you were to consent and then separate, we would mail your Form W-2 to you through the United Postal Service.

How long will the electronic 2013 Form W-2 be available on DOT?
Your form will be available for you once you consent to accept your 2013 Form W-2 electronically and then you may continue to print the electronic 2013 W-2 Form whenever needed.

Will I need to consent each year to receive an electronic Form W-2?
Yes. Each time you consent, it is for the current year only. The Controller's Office, Payroll Division will remind you to check the consent box for the current year every fall.

If I don't consent for the electronic version of my Form W-2, will I receive it through the regular mail?
Yes, if you do not consent, the Payroll Division will mail your Form W-2 to your home address on file. If you would prefer this method, please be sure to verify your address on your next paycheck stub or by checking on DOT.

If you have additional question or concerns, please contact the Controller’s Office, Payroll Division. Please also check our Electronic Form W-2 page, to review the frequently asked questions which will continuously be updated as we receive your feedback.

Posted on October 28, 2013 (Archive on December 27, 2013)
Posted by kpellegrin  Contributed by kpellegrin

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