Preschool Program, Denver

Number of Members: BOD - 7, BOA - 25
Length of Term: BOD - 3, BOA - 3
City Council Approval: Yes
Board of Directors: 
Sarah Daily, 03/12/15
Michael Yankovich, 03/12/15

Councilman Albus Brooks, 03/12/15

Theresa Pena, 03/12/16

David Cole, 03/12/16

Janice Sinden, 03/21/16

Dr. Arthur Gonzalez, 03/12/16

Theresa Pena, 03/12/16

Board of Advisors:

Betty Cde Baca, 03/12/15

Geraldine "Gerie" Grimes, 03/12/15

Anna Jo Haynes, 03/12/15
Virginia Maloney, 03/12/15
Penny May, 03/12/15
Tameka Montgomery, 03/12/15
Jonathan Reyes, 03/12/15
E Lee Reichert, 03/12/15
David Suppes, 03/12/15
Stephen Vogler, 03/27/15
Michael Yankovich, 03/12/15

Linda C. Adams, 03/12/17
Judy Ham, 03/12/17

Rebecca Kantor, 03/12/17

Evi Bachrach Makovsky, 03/12/17

Anne Rowe, 03/12/17

Lem Smith, IV, 03/12/17
Susan Steele, 03/12/17

Paul Asper, 03/12/17

Zach Hochstadt, 03/12/17

Amber Munck, 03/12/17

Function: The Preschool Program Board is responsible for administering and governing the new Denver Preschool Program. The Board of Advisors will make non-binding recommendations to the Board of Directors on policy issues.

Qualifications: The Board of Advisors shall consist of twenty-five persons reflecting the diversity of the City and County of Denver and shall include persons with the following qualifications: parents of young children; early childhood education providers, representing a diverse range of different types of providers; education advocates or experts; representatives of the business community; representatives of the non-profit community;  and community representatives.
Meets: Board of Directors: 4th Wednesday of every month from 11am-1pm; Board of Advisors: first Wednesday of every other month from 11:30am-1pm.

Both meetings at Denver Preschool Program offices, 305 Park Avenue West, Suite B 

 Jennifer Landrum, 720-287-5055 OR 

Enabling Authority: