FAQ - Application Process

How do I apply for an Entry Level Police Officer of Firefighter position?
Applications can only be completed through our website. When you apply, you will also schedule yourself to take the written test.  No applications are accepted through the mail. To complete an application click here 

How long does the Entry Level hiring process take?
The hiring process can take from 6 months to two years depending on the hiring needs of the department, your total score and the next available academy. An applicant must pass all test/screening phases and be selected by the Manager of Safety before being hired and starting an academy.  To learn about  the test phases, view the Police Testing Flowchart, or  Fire Testing Flowchart.
Why is the computer not letting me reapply?
There could be a few reasons why you are not being allowed to re-apply.  Some of the most common reasons are:
  1. The Commission is not accepting any applications at this time.
  2. Not enough time has passed since you last took the written test. If you passed the written test, you are not eligible to re-apply for one year from the date you took the written test.
  3. You did not show or cancel a scheduled test appointment and are being assessed a no-show fee. Please contact the Commission at (720) 913-3370 or click on “Check your Status” to determine what test you missed and the fee you must pay.
  4. You do not meet our minimum qualifications to apply and have been disqualified.  Please review our minimum qualifications.
What if I can’t readily locate my high school diploma?
You may substitute a letter from your high school on official letterhead, which indicates your date of graduation or you may substitute an official high school transcript if it indicates date of high school graduation on the transcript.

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