FAQ- Entry Level Testing

Is there an age limit for Entry Level Police or Firefighter positions?
The minimum age for police is 21 years old. The minimum for firefighter is 18 years old.

What time does the Entry-Level Police Officer or Firefighter test start?
Registration opening at 7:15 a.m. and the written/video test begins at 7:30 a.m. Please arrive a few minutes early. You will not be admitted, If you are late.
Is there a study guide or practice test for the written test?
Study guides may be downloaded from either the Commission's website or the Public Safety Recruitment's website. The study guides also give additional resources for study material. Download Study Materials.
Will there be a tutorial before the next examination?
Tutorial sessions are not administered by the Civil Service Commission. However, employee groups within the Denver Police and Denver Fire Departments volunteer to host tutorial sessions.  For more information about employee groups click here: Fire Employee Groups information, Police Employee Groups information, or visit Denver Public Safety Recruitment's website.
What kind of questions are on the Entry-Level Police Officer or Firefighter test?
Sample questions and a description of items for each test may be found in the following study guides: Police Officer Applicant Study Guide and the Firefighter Applicant Study Guide.
What if I  need accomodations to take the test?
If an applicant requests an accommodation in the application process, we are entitled to determine whether you have a covered disability within the meaning of the American Disability Act (ADA), and whether such disability requires an accommodation. Specifically, in order to determine whether you have a covered disability within the meaning of the ADA, we need a recent statement (dated within the last six months) from an appropriate health care provider answering the following questions:  Click here for questions.
How do I pay the “no show” fee so I can reapply?
Payment for no-show test fees are accepted by check or money order only. NO CASH accepted. Make Checks to the Treasurer -City and County of Denver. Mail payment to:

Denver Civil Service Commission
Municipal Building, 7th Floor
Accounts Recievable
201 W. Colfax Ave, Dept 1208
Denver, CO 80202

What is the exact cost of a "No Show" Fee?

The Commission has established the following fees for applicants who do not cancel or fail to show up for a schedule appointment:  -
  • Written/video test is $25.00
  • Suitability interview is $65.00
  • Polygraph examination is $50.00
 When can I re-test for Police Officer or Firefighter?
Re-test opportunities are available under two circumstances:
1) Applicants who pass the written test may re-apply and test one year from the date of their original written test, if testing slots are available. 2) Applicants who fail the written test may re-apply and test six months from the date of their last written test.

I am an out-of-state applicant, how many times will I need to travel to Denver for testing?
Entry-level applicants will need to make three trips to Denver, 1- written/video test, 2- pre-offer testing, 3- post offer testing. You must successfully complete required testing and advance to additional test/screening phases.
Can an Out-of-State Laterals Applicants become a Denver Police Officer without having to go through the whole process? 
All applicants must complete all phases of testing. To reduce your travel requirements, the Commission condenses Lateral Out-of-State test so that only two trips are required.    

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