FAQ- Selection

I was disqualified during the testing process, can you explain why?

There are several reasons why this may have occurred:

  1. You may not meet the minimum qualifications. You should have received written notice from the Commission explaining why you were not qualified.
  2. You did not successfully complete a required test phase. You should have received a letter from the Commission indicating what testing phase you did not successfully complete. The Commission will disclose if you failed the physical ability test, suitability phases of testing, or any component of the medical evaluation.
  3. Your application file may contain information that is deemed unsuitable for individuals applying for employment in a public safety capacity. If your file is found unsuitable for employment consideration, you may fail the preliminary or background review testing phase. Applicants waive any right or opportunity to read or review any information related to background information therefore, specific reasons for non-selection are not provided.
I think I answered an application questions incorrectly and was disqualified.  What can I do?
Please send a written request to the Executive Director, Earl E. Peterson. The request should include the question you answered incorrectly, the reason the answer is incorrect, any supporting documentation to show the answer is incorrect, and contact  information(including mailing address and phone number) where you can be reached.
I was not selected to continue for academy consideration. Why?

There are several reasons why this may occurred:

  1. You did not pass the required test phases, or your file was deemed unsuitable for employment consideration in the public safety capacity.
  2. You were not available to complete the required testing.
  3. Your score was not high enough for your name to be placed on the Eligible Register.
  4. Your name is on the Eligible Register, but your rank was not high enough to be certified to the Manager of Safety.
  5. Your name was certified, but the Manager of Safety did not select you.
  6. Your name was certified, but there were insufficient openings in the academy class.
How does my juvenile record affect me? How can I clear my juvenile issues?

An applicant who does not meet the minimum qualifications may ask the Commission for review of an Exemption for Disqualification for Behavior Prior to Age 18, which applies under circumstances. Click here to view Commission Rule 3 - Review for Exemption from Disqualification for Behavior Prior to Age 18.

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