Hiring Center

We are here to help provide qualified candidates to City agencies for hiring consideration. This involves recruiting applicants, developing examinations, administering and scoring examinations, and certifying eligible candidates to City agencies.

Candidates who have been "certified" are eligible for hire into a career service position. Certification means that the candidates meet the minimum qualifications for the class, have completed an examination process and been placed on a list in rank order, based upon examination results. The top twenty names are then "certified" to the agency, which means the agency receives the certified names to contact for a hiring interview. Certification does not guarantee a job offer. The agency is required to interview three certified candidates. Once hiring interviews have been completed, the agency contacts OHR with certification results and provides notification of interview results to the people interviewed. Eligible lists typically last for ninety days and may be extended. Some lists may be abolished before the list expires.
Applicant Processing
Once the job posting is closed, all applications are reviewed for minimum qualification requirements to determine qualification for further testing. Applicants who do not qualify are notified by mail or email depending on the applicants' stated preference. Applicants who qualify proceed to the next phase of the examination process which may include a written test, an assessment interview, a critical incident evaluation, performance test, or other examination. Once the testing process is complete, examinations are scored and candidates are notified of test results. Names of candidates who pass the examination are placed on an eligible list in rank order of scores, from highest to lowest. 
Recruiting Workflow Process

New Administrative Support Hiring Process

As of February, 2011, job openings within the Administrative Support Assistant (ASA) job series will no longer be posted individually. Tests will be administered once a posting opens for the entire ASA job series. OHR will test and qualify candidates for every level within the job series so lists of qualified candidates will always be available to hiring managers.

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Planning Ahead

To ensure that new hires have the proper workstation or office, a computer and a telephone on their first day of work, please fill out the Move-Add-Change Request Form. Please note that there can be a long lead time for new technology or furniture items so plan ahead.

New Employees