Denver Human Services is committed to working with community partners to provide resources and services to people in need and those adults and children who need protection. We collaborate with resource centers, agencies, programs, and organizations to meet the needs of Denver residents.

Recently, Denver Human Services conducted a Community Needs Assessment Survey. The findings from this assessment will enable the DHS Community Service Block Grant (CSBG) advisory committee to examine key issues and challenges facing the community and make informed decisions in the development and improvement of services aligned with the needs, interests and priorities of community members. To read the findings, click on the report below. 


Denver's Road Home is a collaborative partnership project where nonprofits, foundations, businesses, individuals, the faith-based community, service providers, and governments at all-levels work together to ensure that every homeless man, woman and child has an alternative to living on the streets.

GIVE Denver is our Volunteer, Donation and Partnership program that links our community to our service delivery.

The Fatherhood Program provides support and guidance to fathers.

The Office of Drug Strategy provides a wide range of expertise in substance use, abuse, addiction, treatment, and recovery. Our office exists to engage individuals and organizations in strategies for preventing, treating, and recovery from substance abuse and addiction.

The Westside Workforce Development Center, located in the Denver Human Services Castro Building, provide employment-related services to public assistance recipients and the general public.

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