Justice Center Utilities

The Justice
Center Utilities project was planned, designed and constructed in less then a year to facilitate the Justice Center demolition and site construction.  The approach to complete this project was similar to a design-build method since the planning, design and construction overlapped each other with massive coordination between other utility providers and the three building sites.

Planning, designing and constructing three phases of sanitary sewer, waterline enlargement, installation of a new 8’ x 5’ box culvert storm sewer, traffic signals and roadway reconstruction for 5 blocks was completed in a very congested downtown location.  Other utilities including fiber optics, data lines, gas, electric and geothermal were also replaced or relocated as separate individual projects ran by the respective owners while all working within the same project limits.  A main through fare used by Downtown commuters was shut down for 4 months to accelerate the project and more important, to maintain a safe environment for both the citizens and construction workers.