Denver Recreation Memberships

Denver Parks & Recreation offers various membership options to fit your needs. Our recreation centers and memberships are structured into three levels: RegionalLocal and Neighborhood.

This structure provides the opportunity for you and your family to choose from annual and month-to-month memberships, 15 and 30 day visit passes, discounts for family members, corporate and nonprofit organizations, CCD and DHHA employees, plus financial assistance for those who qualify and inclusion services for persons with disabilities.

Memberships and passes include access to recreation centers, plus drop-in fitness and aquafitness classes within the membership level you purchase. Each membership also opens the door to all 16 outdoor pools during the summer months. Our amenities vary at each center. Come on in, and let us help you, "Find Your Fit!" 

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Membership Levels and Fees

Regional recreation centers are open 7 days a week. Purchasing a Regional Level Membership gives you access to Denver recreation centers at all three levels at no additional charge.

Get a complete listing of our
recreation centers and levels.

Local recreation centers are open 5-6 days a week. Purchasing a Local Level Membership gives you access to Denver recreation centers at both the local and neighborhood levels. There will be a $2 charge to visit a regional center.

Get a complete listing of our recreation centers and levels.

Neighborhood recreation centers are open 5-6 days a week. Purchasing a Neighborhood Level Membership gives you access to Denver recreation centers at the neighborhood level. There will be a $2 charge to visit a local center and $4 to visit a regional center. 

Get a complete listing of our recreation centers and levels.

Membership Purchase Options

(available online or in person)

The annual membership must be paid in full. Because
 full payment is required, a 10% discount off the base price is included! It's our way of showing how much we appreciate your commitment to Denver Parks & Recreation. When purchased in person, this discount can also be included with our family member discount or financial assistance. The annual membership cannot be canceled, refunded or transferred.

(available online or in person)

The month-to-month membership provides
flexibility in that you can start and stop as desired. Payment of the base price is divided over 12 months, with the first payment due at the time of purchase. Monthly automatic payments via credit/debit card are scheduled for the same calendar day as the date purchased.

When purchased in person, our family member discount or financial assistance can be applied.

(available online or in-person)

The MY Denver Card is a membership specifically for Denver youth and DPS students between the ages of 5 - 18.  It's a free annual membership at the regional level.

Learn more about the MY Denver Card and program initiative.

(available online or in person)

For customers not quite ready to commit to a full year, we offer three visit pass options at each membership level: single visits, plus 15 and 30 visits.

Similar to our memberships, visit passes cannot be transferred, refunded or exchanged for credit towards a membership purchase. They have no expiration date and are valid until all visits have been used!

Membership Discounts

25% off the base price
(available through recreation administration only)

Employees of the City & County of Denver (CCD) and Denver Health & Hospital Authority (DHHA) who are eligible for benefits can also get a membership discount. Payments can be made through payroll deduction or paid in full for the annual membership, or apply the discount to a month-to-month membership and pay via credit/debit card.

Have questions? Send us an email.

25% off the base price
(available through recreation administration only)

This is a great option for small businesses or large companies based in Denver. To enroll, we require you to purchase a minimum of five annual memberships. Those five memberships can come packaged in a variety of ways. For example, you can purchase five new memberships, or maybe two of your employees already have an existing memberships with us. In that case, you would only have to purchase three memberships! This discount can only be applied to annual memberships.

Have questions? Send us an email.

50% off the base price
(available in person only)

This is our biggest discount and can be applied to both annual and month-to-month memberships. To qualify for this discount, the following conditions must be met:

  • All family members must reside in the same household
  • Everyone must purchase a membership at the same level, at the same time
  • The highest price family member must pay full price (for annual memberships, the 10% discount can still apply)

25% off the base price
(available through recreation administration only)

Denver-based nonprofit and for-profit organizations, including government agencies, can purchase memberships for the clients your agency serves! This discount only applies to annual memberships at the regional level. These memberships are solely for the purpose of enhancing the lives of your clients, not to be used by the organization’s employees (see discounts for corporate employees).

Have questions? Send us an email.

Discounted rates available for Annual or Month-to-Month memberships!
(available online and in person)

Persons with disabilities, age 19+, can receive a discounted membership at any level! When purchasing online, customers requesting this rate must agree to and sign the "Disability Acknowledgement" when prompted through our Online Service Center.

Denver Parks & Recreation shall make reasonable modifications when necessary per ADA guidelines. Customers can request modifications by submitting an Inclusion Support Services form.

Learn more about our Adaptive Recreation Programs.

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PLAY Financial Assistance

Any resident of Denver City and County who is in need of financial help for any recreation program is eligible to apply. Documentation is required for all applications for financial aid. We request that you submit your application and supporting documents at least two weeks prior to registration. 

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