Civilian Employee of the Month for June 2013 - Christopher Gray

Civilian Employee of the Month for June 2013 - Christopher Gray

In May of 2011, the Pattern Crimes Bureau was given the okay to begin the process of hiring a Crime Analyst. Human Resource Management initiated the job announcement and was quickly bombarded with applicants from all over the country. That enormous list was narrowed to fifteen applicants who satisfied the job requirements, and then the list was forwarded to the Pattern Crimes Bureau for evaluation. 

Members of the Pattern Crimes Bureau, Human Resource Management, and Senior Crime Analyst Elizabeth Shahan were involved in the evaluation/hiring process, to insure that a qualified candidate would be selected for the Crime Analyst position.  Upon completion of the interviews and practical exercise, Chris Gray was selected for the position of Crime Analyst for the Pattern Crimes Bureau.  

In April of 2012, the Robbery Unit, along with Mr. Gray, was merged with the  Homicide/Cold Case Unit. Since then, Mr. Gray has used his talents and background to assist Detectives with such areas as suspect identification, recovery of digital/video evidence, crime patterns, crime predictions, crime mapping, and social media research, just to name a few.  In addition, whenever he is called in the middle of the night, he immediately responds with the needed intelligence information. He has also been known to assist with training co‑workers to expand their knowledge and skills, so that they can be of greater value to their assigned units. He is always willing to assist the command staff and Detectives, as well as other Law Enforcement Agencies, with whatever is needed to complete the mission. Mr. Gray has become a tremendous asset to the Division and is called upon frequently by the Patrol Districts and District Crime Analysts for his advice and expertise. 

In January of 2013, Mr. Gray was asked by the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office to participate in their hiring process of a Crime Analyst. Without hesitation, he offered his assistance. His willingness to participate and take a lead role as an SME in the process, not only validated the abilities of the process, but may have avoided a bad hire. Anyone, who has had the opportunity to work around Mr. Gray, can easily recognize his hard work and dedication on a daily basis. Volunteering to be a part of the labor intensive hiring process highlighted his passion and commitment to the Denver Police Department, and his loyalty serves to enhance the integrity of the Crime Analysis Unit. For these reasons, it is an honor for the Denver Police Department to recognize Mr. Gray as the Employee of the Month.

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