Civilian Employee of the Month for July 2013 - Christina Ashley

Civilian Employee of the Month for July 2013 - Christina Ashley

The Denver Police N.C.I.C. Section has been through many changes, both administratively and procedural, over the past few years. Christina Ashley, a veteran member of the unit, decided that because of the huge influx of sex offender registrations, she would take on the responsibility for sex offender de-registrations starting in June of 2011. This was a monumental undertaking!

During the last two years, while working closely with Detective Bourgeois, of the Sex Offender Registration Unit, Ms. Ashley has been going through, fixing, modifying, and cataloging all of the de-registrations of Denver’s sex offenders, and has been diligently working at getting them into proper order. She works on them daily in addition to her other duties, at which she excels, and has never complained about the additional workload to accomplish this task.

Ms. Ashley attended a sex offender registration class taught by C.B.I., and has since immersed herself in all of the complexities involved with keeping these files accurate and up-to-date. She is passionate about maintaining these duties and continues to avail herself to assist her co-workers with questions about confusing paperwork or entry issues, especially in this area of responsibility.

Ms. Ashley’s awesome work ethic is a fine example to all of her peers and colleagues, and she has been an enormous help to the sex offender registration detectives, who frequently call upon her expertise. Without her diligence, these files would continue to be back-logged and not kept as accurate as they should be.

Ms. Ashley is truly a team player, and the Denver Police Department definitely appreciates all of her hard work, commitment, and attention to detail. She is an exemplary employee and one who sets the bar high for those who are inspired to pattern themselves after her.

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