Employee of the Month - Rick H. Duffy

Employee of the Month - Rick H. Duffy

During the last few months, one of the Mechanics, assigned to the Fleet Management Section, was suffering from some health problems. His name was Lonnie Nimrod. One of Mr. Nimrod’s co workers, Rick Duffy, came to his aid to help him with transportation to the hospital and rendering other assistance when needed. Mr. Duffy frequently spent his off-duty time responding to Mr. Nimrod’s home to talk with him and Mr. Nimrod’s son, Justin, and provide any support they needed. Unfortunately, our friend and colleague passed away on May 6, 2013. Mr. Duffy then took it upon himself to start making phone calls to Mr. Nimrod’s fellow employee’s and friends. He also helped Justin in any way he could during the initial shock of his father’s death. Mr. Duffy’s unselfishness, during these last few months, has been an incredible example of what the word “friend” means.

Professionally, Mr. Duffy is a multi-task Technician. His normal duties involve repairing motorcycles, but he will also work on police vehicles and 4-wheelers, as well as any oddball projects the Department might have when there are no motorcycles to maintain. Last March was motorcycle season, and Mr. Duffy was kept very busy getting the motorcycles ready. The motorcycles had not been utilized for most of the winter and the batteries were in need of charging. Due to his efforts, however, Mr. Duffy saved the Department from paying $2,165.00 in service calls over the last few months. This is also a productivity and time savings for Police Officers. By doing these service calls, Mr. Duffy has saved the Officers from bringing their motorcycles to the garage, thus allowing them to perform their regular assigned duties. Mr. Duffy will also check to see if there are any recalls and PM service needed at the same time.

Mr. Duffy also plays a big part in Traffic Motorcycle Training School. He will tow the broken-down motorcycle back to the facility for repairs and take it back for training use. Sometimes they have been in accidents or need minor repairs, and Mr. Duffy will remedy the problem at the training site. This is a huge down time savings for the Training Officers, as they can continue training Officers, while having available motorcycles to use.

Because of Mr. Duffy’s actions, the Mechanic Line Supervisors, Glen Ackerman, Steve Helm, and Jeff Navarro, of the Denver Police Garage, nominated Mr. Duffy for Employee of the Month and the Denver Police Department is proud to honor him with this award.

Posted on August 14, 2013 (Archive on October 13, 2013)
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