A Super Campaign to Educate on Colorado Law

The Rights 5 is a campaign to educate Coloradans on the state laws that protect and enrich the lives of LGBT people. Those laws are:

The campaign is a public education project of the GLBT Center of Colorado. Learn more about the Center by clicking here.

We chose the five superheroes because they have the unique capacity to enlighten, inspire and protect all Coloradans.

Knowledge is power. And the more people are familiar with these laws the more successful the laws will be at engendering fairness and equality. The right to live in a state that is free from discrimination is a core value that all Coloradans share.

It's also smart business for Colorado. Studies have shown that the most productive employees value open, diverse workplaces where individuals' creativity is encouraged and discrimination of any form is not tolerated. That's why leading companies like IBM, United Airlines, Nike, Disney and Xerox have non-discrimination policies and offer their employees domestic partnership benefits.

Know your own superpowers by becoming familiar with these laws. And spread the word to help unleash the superhero in each of us!

To stay informed, click here.

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