Civic Center Park Restoration

Restoration of Greek Amphitheatre & Voorhies Memorial Complete

Restoration of the historic structures at Civic Center Park which began in January 2010 involving the Greek Amphitheater and Voorhies Memorial were completed at the end of June 2010, in time for the Biennial of the Americas events, as originally planned. Work on the balustrade will begin in the fall of 2010. The restoration of the Greek Amphitheater and Voorhies Memorial was done within the amount budgeted for the projects. This $9.5 million dollar project, funded through the Better Denver Bond Program, will ensure the integrity of these special places for years to come. The restoration has been done in a way that respects the historic legacy of these facilities. The structures will remain the same, only stronger and fresher.
The Greek Theatre, Voorhies Memorial and balustrade were built over 90 years ago. Because of their age, the heavy use of these facilities, and past funding challenges, these structures were deteriorating and needed special maintenance.  The building’s stone blocks were scaling and chipping, some blocks had shifted out of place, and sections of railing were chipped and broken. Water and moisture eroded into the structures, causing damage. Existing paint and plaster finishes were peeling.  The restoration work included cleaning, patching, replacing, re-pointing of joints, de-scaling of stone, and other procedures for the complete restoration of all of the stone, brick, and plaster.  Electrical service and fixtures were upgraded, repaired, and newly installed; new roofing, roof drains, and overflow drains were installed; and doors and windows were replaced.  Accessibility to and around the structures is being improved through this work - sidewalks and brick pavers were replaced, repaired, and reconfigured: and turf and irrigation will be restored and renovated. Restoration of the balustrade to be done in fall 2010 will involve some of the same procedures as were done on the other two structures. The projects involve the coordination of the Civic Center Conservancy, Parks & Recreation, Better Denver Bond, the City of Denver, and the contractor.

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Restoration of Greek Amphitheatre & Voorhies Memorial Complete
Civic Center Kickoff
Kick Off Session
City officials, along with representatives of Civic Center Conservancy, Denver Parks & Recreation and City Council attend the kickoff session for the restoration work.

Fabric panels being placed over Voorhies Memorial to create a temperature controlled environment for restoration work.

Civic Center Panels