Denver Address Database


The City and County of Denver relies on accurate addressing to provide location-based services to its residents, businesses and visitors.  Addresses are used by more than 90% of all City agencies to uniquely identify the locations of customers, structures, and utilities within Denver.

A centralized addressing system has been developed to support increasing demands for address-related services.  Multiple address databases have been centralized into an enterprise geodatabase.  Ongoing address QA/QC is performed to ensure consistent addressing accuracy.

An address maintenance application has been developed to maintain all addresses and associated relationships.

An enterprise address web service has been developed to enable real-time integration with enterprise applications including customer-relationship management (CRM) and permitting.  The address service supports consistent validation, formatting and identification of addresses across enterprise systems include 311 customer relationship management, PILAR and agency applications.  In addition, the address service integrates information from other sources including street intersections and postal addresses from the United States Postal Service (USPS).  The address service supports live address validation for 311 and enables real-time analysis, mapping and reporting of customer and case locations.

DenverGIS is leading efforts to implement the vision of a service-oriented architecture (SOA) that supports cross-platform, standards-based integration between enterprise systems.

Papers and Presentations
GIS in the Rockies (2006)
Addressing Denver: Modeling, Maintenance, and Support for the City and County of Denver