Purchasing - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Bidding Procedures

How do I find out what goods or services are being bid by the City?

Formal Bids (those with an approximate value of $25,000 or over) are usually advertised in the Legal Section of the Daily Journal or the Denver Newspaper Agency. This DENVERGOV PURCHASING site also includes in "Denver Procurements" formal bids that can be downloaded. Additionally, vendors may visit the Purchasing Division during normal working hours and request hardcopies of any current formal bids.


Can anyone attend a bid opening?

Public bid openings are held for those Proposals with an estimated dollar value of $25,000.00 or more. These are "Formal" bids, and the date and time of the bid opening is indicated on the face (title page) of the bid document. Public bid openings are generally not held for "Informal" bids which have an estimated dollar value of less than $25,000.


Where are bid openings held?


At the Purchasing Division office, 201 West Colfax Ave, Dept 304, Denver, CO 80202. The Purchasing Division office is located on the 11th floor of 201 West Colfax Avenue. If the bid opening location is NOT the Purchasing Division Office, the bid opening location will be prominently displayed in the bid documents.


Are bid opening dates and times firm? Or is there some leeway to get a bid in?


Bid opening dates and times are firm. There is no "leeway," provided. Bids must be present and time-stamped at the Purchasing Division on or PRIOR TO the bid opening date and time indicated on and in the bid documents.