# of Members: around 25 (or as required)
2 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None
Sharon Vigil, 12/31/12
Margaret Kirkpatrick, 12/31/12
Vicki Steere, 12/31/12
Lynne Elm-Picard, 12/31/12
Caren Swales, 12/31/12
Sandra Wagner, 12/31/12
Stephanie Van Cleve, 12/31/12
Timothy Dolan, 12/31/13
Troy Becker, 12/31/13
Mark Genkinger, 12/31/13
Stephanie Klein, 12/31/13
Teresa R. Salerno, 12/31/13
Sharlene J. Spencer, 12/31/13
Sam Bailey, 12/31/13
Mary Broderick, 12/31/13
Cliff Richardson, 12/31/13
Elise Lowe-Vaughn, 12/31/13
Clarence McDavid, 12/31/13
Kelli Kelly, 12/31/13
Joshua Casto, 12/31/14
Cori Charvat, 12/31/14
Megan Huffnagle, 12/31/14
Mitch Lehn, 12/31/14
Kristine Thompson, 12/31/14

Function: The board provides program oversight and policy guidance for all Federal, State and locally funded workforce investment programs, including the operation of Denver's Workforce Centers.

Must include representatives of local business, educational agencies, labor organizations, community-based organizations, economic development agencies, and each agency partnered in the workforce centers; the chair and majority of members must be from private sector business.

Meets: Monthly on the 2nd Friday, starting at 11:15 A.M., in the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, 1445 Market St., 4th Floor Board Room.

Contact: David Ford,, 720.913.1669

Enabling Authorization:  Authorized by the Workforce Investment Act, P.L. 105-220, signed into law on 8/7/1998, and most recently certified by the Colorado Workforce Development Council on 11/3/2010