Sample Police Test
Video Section

Thank you for your interest in becoming a law enforcement officer with the Denver Police Department. The sample test you are about to take consists of two video scenarios and multiple-choice situational questions that correspond to the video scenarios. When you answer these questions, remember that the Denver Police Department is dedicated to making a positive contribution to the community we serve.

We are looking for candidates who will conduct themselves in a way that will add to the professional image of the Denver Police Department. We want people who can be trusted to handle the authority of this job, and who will be respected by the wide diversity of citizens that make up this community.

The test is intended to be very straightforward. It is bad strategy to read more into the questions than what is there. Your best strategy for getting a good score is to use only your own common sense and the information that is provided by the test.

After each question, you will have 10 seconds to mark the answer you think is best. You might as well answer every question, as there is not a penalty for guessing.

Good luck on the test.

Video 1

  1. What should you do?
    1. Tell them both to quiet down. The neighbors have complained.
    2. Before discussing the noise complaint, get them handcuffed.
    3. Separate the couple. Ask each of them what the problem is.
    4. Tell them you are not here to solve their personal problems.

Video 2

  1. What should you do?
    1. Talk with him about it again. Suggest he go pay.
    2. Just pay for the food yourself.
    3. Report what you have seen and let the supervisor handle it.
    4. Stay out of it.