Job Specifications and Pay Ranges

Pay Ranges and Job Titles (Appendix C)
Surveys are conducted annually to compare the pay of City employees with what other organizations in Denver are paying employees for similar work. The Career Service Board manages pay recommendations and hearings, and City Council gives final approval for all adjustments.
Pay Survey
Pay Survey is conducted annually to compare the pay of City employees with what other organizations in Denver are paying employees for similar work.

View or Download 2013 Pay Survey - Classification Notice 1384
View or Download 2011 Pay Survey - Classification Notice 1340
View or Download 2010 Pay Survey - Classification Notice 1325 (PDF)
View or Download 2009 Pay Survey - Classification Notice 1300 (PDF) 
View or Download 2008 Pay Survey - Classification Notice 1260 (PDF)
View or Download 2007 Pay Survey - Classification Notice 1228 (PDF) 
View or Download 2006 Pay Survey - Classification Notice 1175 (PDF)


Clerk & Recorder Posting
The City Clerk and Recorder posting is a detailed list of the City’s classification and pay plan which includes all of the classification titles, their assigned pay grade and all of the pay schedules. The classification and pay plan is approved by Denver City Council by ordinance. City ordinance requires that the classification and pay plan for all employees in the career service and for those employees not in the career service to  be kept and maintained on record in the office of the Clerk and Recorder and at Career Service Authority at all times, and to be available for public inspection both in person and on-line.

Equipment Differential
Certain positions require the use of equipment or machinery. View details about equipment specifications and requirements below, including: 
  • Title, pay grade, and occupational category
  • Type and level of equipment used in a particular classification
  • Level of experience, education and training required
  • License requirements of the position/classification

View or Download the Equipment Specifications Guide (PDF)


New Hiring Practice for Administrative Support Assistant (ASA) Positions

As of February, 2011, job openings within the Administrative Support Assistant (ASA) job series will no longer be posted individually. Openings and testing occurs throughout the year for the entire ASA job series. Candidates should register for job interest alerts to be notified of future openings. CSA will test and qualify candidates for every level within the job series so lists of qualified candidates will always be available to hiring managers.

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