Senior Tax Exemption General Instructions

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Senior Property Tax Exemption Long Form and Instructions

Senior Exemptions

Senior Citizen Property Tax Exemptions
A property tax exemption is available for citizens who are 65 or older, and who have lived in their home for at least 10 years prior. The Colorado legislature, not the City and County of Denver, controls the amount of the exemption, and all citizens who have been approved for the exemption in 2012 or in any prior year should see a reduction in the property tax bill they receive in January, 2013.

The application must be filed by July 15 of the year for which exemption is requested. Filing will be considered timely if the application is postmarked no later than July 15. Under no circumstance will an exemption be allowed for any property taxes assessed prior to the year in which the qualified individual first files an exemption application.

If you already applied for this exemption in a prior year and were approved, you do not need to apply again.