Public Education

Juvenile Fire Setters Intervention Program

Fifty percent of all reported fires are set by kids. Without intervention, fifty percent of those kids continue to set fires. The goal of the Denver Fire Department's Juvenile Firesetters Intervention Program is to save lives and protect property by educating children about fire and its hazards.
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Fire Safety Downloads

Home Fire Safety Handout
Residential Safety Equipment Report (required for Apartment, Condominium, Townhome Inspections)

Ride-A-Long Programs

The Denver Fire Department has put together a Ride-A-Long program for any one interested in pursuing a career in Firefighting or simple if they wish to see what the daily work environment of a Denver Firefighter is like.
Click on the link below to view more information about the Denver Firefighter Ride-A-Long program and guidelines.

Ride-A-Long Guidelines