Working to Support Citywide Events and Film Production in Denver

Events and films along with their many components have continued to grow within Denver over the years making the city a highly sought out destination for the large and the small alike.  We are proud of the cultural, social and financial benefits event planners and film producers provide the community by choosing to host events and films in Denver.  In a time where economies and budgets are being stretched, the fabulous events and films provide a much needed cash infusion into the community and its residence.  From concept to completion, all aspects of planning and implementation employ many!

Additionally, through events and film, the city is able to showcase the beautiful cultural variations so evident within our strong neighborhoods, whether it be The People's Fair to the Dragon Boat Festival, to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, to A Taste of Colorado.

We have always been an active city and with our many walks, runs, races and parades, the community is able to promote continued good health while supporting worthy causes.  Many come to our city to partake in the beauty and variety of Denver.

As a city, we thank our event planners and film producers for their significant contribution!  Our website will provide you with the tools and resources necessary to ensure events and films are successful for many years to come.


News and Announcements

In a unified effort by City agencies to help understand and manage the impacts special events* have on Denver’s residents and municipal resources, such as the number of events, neighborhood usage, park usage, noise, trash, frequency, parking, road closures, etc., we will implement 3 caps for 2015. The caps are temporary and only apply to 2015. Read more....


Office of Special Events Feedback

Do you have feedback regarding a special event, film production or the Office of Special Events? Let us know your comments, concerns, or suggestions below:

What is a Special Event?

A special event is defined as a race, parade, festival, etc. that utilizes public property in the City and County of Denver (such as a street closure or park), is temporary, and/or requires approval by more than one city agency.  For details, requirements, and applications please look over our website.

What is a Film Production?

The Office of Special Events receives all initial film permit requests and insurance requirements, conducts preliminary screening and forwards materials to approving and permitting agencies.  Please explore this website for more information.

Economic Benefits

Section under construction, details coming soon, please check back.