38th & Blake Station

Station Area Successes   

 Stormwater Improvements  

As part of the East Corridor Rail construction, the City and RTD are coordinating construction of stormwater infrastructure improvements.   These improvements will provide a significant service level upgrade for the station area, supporting future development. 

 New Zoning

Significant portions of the station area have been rezoned to Denver's new form and context based zoning code. The rezoning implements plan recommendations of enhancing neighborhood livability, reducing automobile dependence and supporting transit through development.

 Next Steps Traffic Operational Study

The Study analyzes the engineering and operational feasibility of the mobility recommendations in the station area plan.  The Study will be used as a basis for future mobility infrastructure investments.

Station Area Snapshot

The 38th and Blake Station on the East Corridor will be located on the western corner of Blake Street and 38th Avenue.  In the original FasTracks program  this station was expected to be located at 40th Street and 40th Avenue, which was identified by the Denver TOD Strategic Plan as a future major urban center.  However, RTD moved the location of the station as a result of its property acquisition negotiations with the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR).

Now that the UPRR’s 50-acre trailer-on-flat-car (TOFC) facility is expected to retain its current use, this station area is anticipated to be more of an urban neighborhood than a major urban center.

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38th & Blake Station Area Plan


The 38th & Blake Station Area Plan was adopted by City Council
August 10, 2009
Read the 38th and Blake Station Area Plan (pdf, 18MB)