Colorado Station

 Station Area Successes    

 Bike/Pedestrian Infrastructure

Secured funding for a bicycle/pedestrian bridge over I-25, creating an important connection between the station area and nearby neighborhoods.


 New Zoning

Significant portions of the station area have been rezoned to Denver's new form and context based zoning code. The rezoning implements plan recommendations of enhancing neighborhood livability, reducing automobile dependence and supporting transit through development.

Colorado Station Snapshot

Colorado station is on the Southeast Light Rail Corridor, which opened in 2006.  The station is situated south of I-25 and east of Colorado Blvd. Colorado is an urban center station type.
From the Air

On the Ground

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Station Area Planning


Blueprint Denver, the City's integrated land use and transportation plan, provides planning guidance for the station area.  The immediate area around the station is planned as an "Area of Change" with a land use of "Transit Oriented Development."