Traffic Counts

Date last updated: Monday, February 04, 2013
Use this searchable database to find 24-hour traffic volume counts, morning and evening peak hour traffic count totals, and direction of traffic recorded on various Denver streets.� This information is maintained and updated by the Public Works Engineering Division, Traffic Engineering Services, of the City and County of Denver.

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Traffic Count Database - Search Guidelines

  • For all available intersections and the most general search:
    Enter a Main Street, using the full name or a portion of it,
    i.e. enter "Colorado" or "colo", and leave off the street designation.

  • For a more specific search:
    1. Use U.S. Postal Service street designations with standard abbreviations, and no punctuation, i.e. AVE, BLVD, CIR, CT, DR, LN, PKWY, PL, RD, ST or WAY.
    2. To specify street direction, first enter direction without punctuation, then enter street name, i.e. N Colorado or E Evans.