VIDEOS - Denver During Democratic National Convention

Denver 8 Online is chock full of reflections on the historic and highly successful hosting of the Democratic National Convention!
Mayor John Hickenlooper shares amusing and personal anecdotes during the DNC week at City Club of Denver.
 The Mayor talks about what having the Democratic Convention in Denver did for the city's image and what other long-range impacts it may have. 
PLAY VIDEO Behind-the-scenes with the Denver Police Department's activities during the Convention. Gives unique perspective on how multiple law-enforcement jurisdictions teamed up to ensure safety and security for the citizens of Denver and thousands of visitors.

Denver Update reviews the historic week. Throughout the Democratic National Convention Denver Update brought you a daily review of city activities and events. Now you can catch up with our city leaders, take in some activities you may have missed or recall scenes from around our town.  
Denver Update 8-24

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PLAY VIDEOMayor John Hickenlooper's 8-29 wrap-up news conference the day after the convention ended. 


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The Democratic National Convention was an exciting, once in a lifetime opportunity for Denver!
See and hear scenes from around our city with these quick videos.
Below view our video field montages as well as complete interviews with the Mayor and others. 
Around Denver Montage 8-24
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PLAY VIDEOAround Denver Montage 8-27
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Mayor John Hickenlooper - opportunities created by hosting the DNC 
PLAY VIDEOMayor John Hickenlooper - how convention helps Denver meet community priorities
PLAY VIDEO Mayor John Hickenlooper - cooperative efforts to host DNC event 
PLAY VIDEOMayor John Hickenlooper - thoughts on speaking at the DNC
PLAY VIDEOMayor John Hickenlooper - Convention Speech
PLAY VIDEOFormer Denver Mayor Federico Pena - 25 years after his vision of a great city
PLAY VIDEOFormer Mayor Federico Pena - on having the convention in Denver 
PLAY VIDEOFormer Mayor Federico Pena - on the legacy of the convention
PLAY VIDEOFormer Mayor Federico Pena - personal thoughts on the convention
PLAY VIDEOFormer Denver Mayor Federico Pena  - Convention Speech
PLAY VIDEOSenator Ken Salazar - DNC's impact on Colorado
PLAY VIDEOSenator Ken Salazar - DNC's impact on sustainability efforts

PLAY VIDEOSenator Ken Salazar - on showing off  Colorado

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