How Would You Vote? - June 2003

Denver Women's Commission
How Would You Vote? - June 2003

June 2, 2003
Prepared for Zenith Magazine
By Chaer Robert
Director, Denver Women’s Commission

Compare how you would vote with what our state legislators did:

1. Should a mother be charged $1. per month to receive welfare benefits?

2. Should small businesses who have employees with health problems pay more for health insurance than those who have only healthy employees?

3. Should hospital emergency rooms tell all rape victims about emergency contraception that can prevent them from becoming pregnant?

4. Should the state prohibit cities from passing any laws restricting guns?

5. Should any mothers on welfare be allowed to get post-secondary education rather than immediate full-time employment?

How our legislators voted:

1. SB 246 passed the Legislature and was signed into law.

2. HB 1164 passed the Legislature and was signed into law. Insurance companies can lower rates for "healthy" businesses beginning September 2003. In September 2004, it can raise rates an extra 10% for small businesses with any employees with health issues.

3. The House passed HB 1252, but it died in the Senate State, Veteran and Military Affairs Committee.

4. The legislature passed and the Governor signed SB 25, which prohibits cities from passing any restriction on guns stricter than state law. It overturns existing local laws.

5. HB 1152 was killed in House HEWI committee. The bill allowed counties to count post-secondary education as a work activity for those who were likely to succeed in school. It did not pay for post-secondary education.

The complete text of any bill is on the state’s website: For more information on these issues visit the Denver Women’s Commission website: .