Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Denver Office of Disability Rights (DODR)

Disability Center for Independent Living

These organizations also provide services and products.  See complete listing under Services and Products.

Office of Sign Language Services

This organization also provides services and products and interpreter referral services.  See complete listing under Interpreter Referral Agencies.

Colorado Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

1575 Sherman St., Garden Level

Denver, CO 80203

720-457-3679 Voice

303-866-4824 Voice

FAX:  303-866-4831 Fax

Web Site:


Description:  This web site has a wide array of resources, including information sheets such as a list of auxiliary services and funding sources for assistive technology.

Services:  TTY, Legal Auxiliary Services, Deaf Information, Advocacy

Colorado Families for Hands & Voices

P.O. Box 3093 

Boulder, CO 80307


FAX:  303-492-3274

Web Site:


Description:  A non-profit organization serving families with deaf and hard of hearing children.

Services:  TTY, Tech Assist, Advocacy, Deaf – Advocacy, Information & Referral, Services & Products

Hearing Loss Association of America - Colorado

P. O. Box 472704 

Aurora, CO 80047-2704


Web Site:


Description:  Hearing Loss Association of America (previously known as Self Help for Hard of Hearing People-SHHH) is the nation’s largest organization for people with hearing loss.

Services:  TTY, Deaf - Advocacy,  Support, Education

Dove Advocacy Services for Abused Deaf Women & Children

Office: 303.831.7932 TTY/V,

24 Hour Crisis Line: 303.831.7874 TTY/V



Services: Medical/legal advocacy for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Deaf victims; Support group; Education/Outreach to service providers, community, and Deaf teens; Information and referral.

Legal Center For People with Disabilities

455 Sherman, #130 

Denver, CO 80203

303-722-0300 V/TTY

800-288-1376 Voice/TTY

FAX:  303-722-0720

Web Site:


Services:  Legal, TTY, Other Specific Disabilities 

Office of Sign Language Services

Thisorganization also provides services and products.  See complete listing under Services and Products.

24 Hour Sign Language Services




Services:  TTY, Sign Language Interpreter

Office of Sign Language Services
Lorrie A. Kosinski, Sign Language Interpreter
201 W. Colfax Ave., Dept. 1102, 12th Floor
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 720-913-8487 Voice
Mobile: 303-880-3208
VP: 720-458-8486
Services:  Sign Language Interpreter, Public Video Phone, Advocacy

Professional Sign Language Interpreting, Inc


Web Site:



Services:  TTY, Sign, Sign Languge Interpreter

Purple Communications

1391 Speer Blvd. Ste. 200

Denver, CO 80204

Denver Communication Center 


Web Site:


Services:  TTY, Sign Language Interpreters

Mental Health Center of Denver

1405 N. Federal Blvd.

Denver, CO 80204


TTY 303-322-6190

Web Site: 

Services:  TTY, Mental Health

Access Gallery

909 Santa Fe Dr. 

Denver, CO 80204


303-777-0796 TTY

Web Site:


Services:  Recreation, Braille, Audio, Empoyment and Training, Resources for Deaf, Resources for Mobility Impaired, Resources for Other Disabilities, Cultural

Deaf Linx

(Web only) 

Web Site:


Description:  Deaf Linx is a web resource for information on deafness, deaf culture, American Sign Langauge (ASL) and all other related topics. Services:  TTY, Support for the Deaf

Helen Keller National Center

1880 S. Pierce St. #5 

Lakewood, CO 80232


FAX:  303-934-2939

Web Site:


Description:  To enable each person who is deaf-blind to live and work in their community of choice

Services:  Recreation, Braille, Audio,  Blind Advocacy, Blind Education, Blind Emplyoment and Training,  Deaf


Silent Athletic Club

1575 Elmira St 

Aurora, CO


Web Site:

Description:  Hot breakfast and lunch served every Tuesday, social activities and events. Open to Deaf senior citizens age 55+.

Services:  TTY, Deaf Senior

Legal Center for People with Disabilities

This organization also provides Advocacy services.  See complete listing under Advocacy.


Office of Sign Language Services

This organization also provides Advocacy and Interpreter Referral services.  See complete listing under Interpreter Referral Agencies.

311 - Information to Denver City & County Services

Phone:  311



Services:  TTY, Deaf Interpreter

ADCO Hearing Products

4242 S. Broadway Blvd 

Englewood, CO



FAX:  303-794-3704

Web Site:


Description:  Full line of assistive listening systems and devices for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Services:  TTY, Retail, Services and Products for Deaf and Hearing Impaired 

Center for Hearing Speech & Language

4280 Hale Parkway 

Denver, CO 80220


FAX:  303-399-3411

Web Site:


Description:  Hearing aides, lip reading classes, hearing tests

Services:  TTY, Retail, Other, Education, Deaf Services and Products

Denver Office of Disability Rights

201 W. Colfax Ave., Dept 1102 

Denver, CO 80202

720-913-8480 V

720-913-8475 TTY

FAX:  720-913-8470

Web Site:


Description:  Informative sheets, resource guide for Deaf Services, Deaf Access Checklist and more.

Services:  TTY, Sign, Deaf Interpreter 

Disability Center for Independent Living

1646 Elmira Street 

Aurora, CO 80010


303-322-2330 VP/TTY

FAX:  303-856-2954


2nd Location:

4821 E. 38 Avenue 

Denver, CO 80207


303-322-2330 TTY

FAX:  303-320-1335


Web Site:


Description:  Independent Living Coordinator for the Deaf/hard of hearing on staff.

Services:  Ind Living, Advocacy, TTY,  Other Specific Disabilities, Deaf Advocacy

International Hearing Dog, Inc.

5901 E. 89th Ave. 

Henderson, CO 80640

303-287-3277 V/TTY

FAX:  303-287-3425

Web Site:


Description:  IHDI has trained more than 1,100 professionally certified hearing dogs since 1979. All of the dogs selected for this special training come from local animal shelters.

Services:  Tech Assist, Ind Living,TTY, Service Animal

Listen Foundation

6950 E. Bellview Ave.  Suite 203

Englewood, CO 80111


FAX:  303-781-2018

Web Site:


Description:  Assists infants and children who are deaf or hard of hearing learn to listen and talk so that they may have the same opportunities as other children, regardless of their ability to pay.

Services:  TTY, Legal, Support, Deaf-Advocacy,  Education, Info & Ref, Communication, Volunteer, Other: 

United Way Helpline

2505 18th St. 

Denver, CO 80211-3939


FAX:  303-455-6462

Web Site:


Services:  Information & referral for specific disabilities or multiple disabilities, TTY 

Vocational Rehabilitation

2211 West Evans Ave.

Denver, CO 80223

Services:  Provides job training and placement for people who are Deaf or disabled; provides hearing aides, TTYs and various other devices to VR clients for employment related needs

Colorado Convention Center

700 14th St. 


Services:  Deaf TTY Public Phones

Coors Field

20th & Blake St. 

Description:  Main Concourse -- section 129, Wells Fargo Club Level - Section 236, Suite Level - Outside entrance to Mountain Ranch Bar & Grille, Upper Level - Section 332 Lower Level - Beneath left field pavilion near disabled access hallway.

Services:  Deaf TTY Public Phones

Denver Department of Human Services

1200 Federal Blvd 

Denver, CO

Description:  1st & 2nd floor phone bank, regular business hours, M-F

Services:  Deaf TTY Public Phones

Regional Transportation District (RTD) Bus Locations

1601 Market Gate 4 #3 

1550 Broadway across from the ticket window

In Boulder: 1400 Walnut St. in the lobby

Web Site:

Services:  Deaf TTY Public Phones

Denver County Jail

10500 Smith Road 

Description: Sergeant's Station and Work Release building

Services:  Deaf Video Public Phone

Denver Detention Center

490 W. Colfax Avenue

Description:  first floor booking area

Services:  Deaf Video Public Phone

Sign Language Resources

Resource Guide for Deaf Services

Be sure to visit the Sign Language Resources website to request an interpeter, sign up for sign language classes, and for additional resources for deaf services.