Legislation Support/Opposition for 2011:


SB 72, the Workplace Protection and Fairness Act (amends the Colorado Civil Rights Act) (support)


SB 133, mandates the Colorado Commission on Crime and Juvenile Justice investigate the school to prison pipeline and recommend changes to school policy regarding when to bring the criminal justice system into the disciplinary process. (support)

SB 126, or "ASSET" would allow for undocumented CO high school graduates to attend college in our state at a in-state tuition rate.  (support)


SB 11-068, Colorado Consumer Protection Act (support)


Denver Paid Sick and Safe Time Ballot Initiative (oppose) - Sept. 2011


Legislation Support/Opposition for 2012:


HB 1046; require applicants of the Colorado Works Temporary Assistance for Needy Families to pay for and pass a drug test before receiving assistance. (oppose)


Senate Bill 2, The Civil Unions Act. (support)


SB 12-147; prohibit false election information to deter voting. (support)