Want to become a Commissioner?

Information for Potential Appointees to the Denver Commission on Aging

 The mission of the Commission is to make Denver the best community for older adults through education, partnership, advocacy, and advising.

The objectives of the Denver Commission on Aging are:


A.   To provide a representative group in the City to ascertain and assess the needs of older adults and to identify gaps, duplications, and cultural competency issues in services required to support the well-being of older adults;


B.  To recommend service priorities for the City to the Agency for Human Rights & Community Partnerships (HRCP) Executive Director, the Mayor and City Council (Council) and to review, comment and act on issues and legislation affecting older adults in the City;


C.  To advise the Denver Regional Council Of Government’s (DRCOG) Area Agency on Aging (AAA) on applications submitted for funding for services for seniors living in the City, and on the provisions of the DRCOG’s AAA area plan as it relates to the City;


D.  To advise the local elected officials of the needs and plans for services to older adults in the City, including the Commission's advice on the DRCOG’s AAA area plan, and on such matters as may be important to older adults in the City, including applications for funding by service providers;


E.  To act as advocates for older adults and to encourage their continued activity as contributing members of society; and


F.  To encourage cooperation and coordination among agencies and groups working on behalf of older adults.

If you are interested in becoming a Commission member please fill out the application and mail it to:
Anthony Aragon, Director of Boards and Commissions
City and County of Denver Building,  Room 350
Denver, CO 80202 or email it to anthony.aragon@denvergov.org
Phone: 720-865-9032   Fax: 720-865-8787

Candidates for appointment to the Denver Commission on Aging should be able to:

-         attend the monthly Commission meetings.  These meetings generally last two hours and are currently held at 9:30 a.m. on the third Thursday of each month.  Meeting locations can vary, although we try to have one location that we regard as a “home” location.

-         commit approximately four hours each month to participate in and carry-out committee assignments;

-         represent the Commission at occasional outreach activities in addition to the regular commission and committee meetings, anticipated to require approximately three to four hours every two to three months;

-         provide own transportation to Commission events and cover any of their own personal expenses resulting from appointment to the Commission;

-         represent Denver County on the County Council on Aging for the City and County of Denver (may require time in addition to that mentioned above); and

-         if appointed from the Commission, represent Denver County on the Denver Regional Council of Government’s (DRCOG) Senior Advisory Committee (this requires, at a minimum, an additional five hours to prepare and attend their monthly meeting).