Senior Events

The National Senior
Citizens Law Center
(NSCLC) is conducting
survey to document
and better understand
the real experiences
of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay,
Bisexual and Transgender)
elders in nursing homes,
assisted living facilties
and long-term facilties.
Please help NSCLC
by taking the survey
and providing your

Commission on Aging

Welcome to the Denver Commission on Aging!
We are a commission comprised of volunteers who advise the Executive Director of the Denver Agency for Human Rights & Community Partnerships and the Mayor's Office on the special problems of the aging community in the City and County of Denver.
  • researches legislation as it affects older adults, in order to effectively influence and shape policy
  • develops partnerships with service providers who serve on the Commission, in order to actively involve the community and elected officials
  • raises funds for educational forums, networking activities and special projects which are community-based and elder focused
  • develops media strategies to promote community awareness of older adult issues and to outreach for community volunteers
  • outreaches to empower isolated, at-risk older adults and refers resources
Our overall goal is to promote and ensure for equal rights and opportunity for the aging community in Denver. For further information, please call 720-913-8477 and your call will be addresed or directed to the appropriate department.

 2014 Commission Meeting Dates & Times:

3rd Thursday 9:30am-11:30am - Meetings are normally held at the Volunteers of America (VOA) building at 26th & Larimer unless indicated otherwise.

  • January 16th, 2014 – InnovAge –Annual Retreat - MINUTES
  • February 20th, 2014 – Performing Arts Center - MINUTES
  • March 20th, 2014 – Volunteers of America
  • April 17th, 2014 – Volunteers of America
  • May 15th, 2014 – Denver Human Services – Denver Road Home
  • June 19th, 2014 – Volunteers of America
  • July 17th, 2014 – Volunteers of America
  • August 21st, 2014 – Volunteers of America
  • September 18th, 2014 – Volunteers of America
  • October 16th, 2014 – Volunteers of America
  • November 20th, 2014 – Volunteers of America
  • December 20th, 2014 – Volunteers of America
**Locations subject to change**


Commission Events

  • March 2014: African American Health Fair 
  • April 3, 2014: Senior Day at the Capitol
  • September 2014: Seniors in September 
  • December 2014: Holiday Joy for Seniors