2014 Denver Asian Pacific American Commission Goals

Goal 1:  Jobs & Economic Development

Why this Goal is a Priority: Lack of AAPI organizations participating and benefiting from economic development resources.

Goal Strategies:

1. Work with the Denver Office of Economic Development to help publicize the NOFA (Notice of Funding Availability) for federal funding

2. Act as informational liaison between City of Denver and APA business owners on South Federal; focusing on businesses between Mississippi and Kentucky on Federal Boulevard

3. Conduct a community scan of non-profits serving the APA communities in Denver and develop a database for outreach and capacity building    

4. Partner with White House Initiative for AAPI (WHIAAPI) Roundtable events

Goal 2: Youth (up to 24 years old)

Why this Goal is a Priority: The Commission is committed to the theme of “Making the Invisible, Visible” in 2014. A focus on youth will bring a spotlight to the everyday issues faced by a sector of the Asian community who are often overlooked and whose challenges are less visible. 

Commissions have been encouraged to incorporate the anti-bullying statement and intent into their 2014 goals; the position statement has helped to encourage Denver Public School representatives to include anti-bullying and harassment policies in their Parent/Student Handbook, and that the Agency of HRCP and Commissions collaborate to develop a communications strategy that includes a training component or public service announcement on Denver’s Channel 8, to encourage all City residents to take a stand against bullying. Denver City Council Anti-Bullying Proclamation Video

Goal Strategies

1. Photography Exhibit by Anh Dao Kolbe        

2. Pursue developing digital narratives with APA Youth      

3. Films: AKA Don Bonus 

4. Mini DPS Summit w/DPS

Goal 3: Commission Infrastructure

Why this Goal is a Priority: In strengthening its infrastructure and communication pathways, the Commission can serve as a better resource and outreach partner.

1. Recruitment of new commissioners    

2. Legislation: Continue to engage in the CLC process and address any legislative opportunities, as needed