Strategic Goals and Top Issues

  DAPAC Annual Goals and Activities

The Denver APA Commission serves as a support liaison and facilitator between the APA community in Denver, the Agency for Human Rights and Community Relations, and the Office of the Mayor of Denver.   Further, it is the Commission’s objective to act as a catalyst, educator, collective voice, and respond to issues and/or advocate based on community assessment of need, and create awareness and visibility of APA community to the community at large.


The Denver APA Commission has established the following strategic goals

  • Promote the work and existence of the Commission as a resource to community outlets and governmental entities within the City/County of Denver
  • Facilitate linkage of community services to the APA community
  • Actively recruit and increase Commission membership to include representation of the multiple APA communities and their diverse issues
  • Function proactively with work on Commission’s identified top issues


In the past three years, the Commission has identified several issues of priority to the Asian Pacific community which are impacted by the City & County of Denver and the State of Colorado policies and practices.  These issues are Immigration; Health and Mental Health; Integration/Cultural Advocacy; Economic Development and Education.  These issues were identified through public meetings with the Asian Pacific community as well as interviews with agency representatives, community professionals and City programs.


In 2011, the Denver APA Commission will be focusing specifically on the following items:

  • A focus on Economic Development along the South Federal Blvd corridor between Kentucky and Mississippi Sts.  DAPAC is planning to facilitate a dialogue between business owners in the area and City, State, Federal and private corporate representatives for the purpose of improving the economy of the area and strengthening the Asian Pacific American cultural identity.  In this, DAPAC intends to act as outreach liaison and mutual resource for the parties concerned (see above strategic goals).
  • Recruiting new candidates for Commissioners as the original nine Commissioners are term limited and will be departing at the end of 2011.
  • Act in cooperation with HRCR Advisory Board; especially on issues that affect the Asian Pacific American community.
  • Continue to identify issues important to the Asian Pacific American community and act as liaison to the City & County of Denver, the Office of the Mayor, and the City Council.


2012 Goals - Coming Soon