Assessor's Office - Information Policies

Privacy Statement

Colorado considers the information maintained by assessors’ offices (the names of property owners, the values of properties, etc) to be open records information. However, some citizens still would like to know if it is possible for their information to be removed from Internet data. Under current Colorado law, assessors are authorized to remove information from the Internet only for “peace officers”. This authorization is found in Colorado Revised Statutes §18-9-313, which states that the personal information for peace officers and their immediate family members can be removed from the Internet.

Tax Guide for New Businesses

The Assessor’s and Treasurer’s Offices of the City and County of Denver publish a guide for owners of new businesses (and anyone else who is interested) which provides valuable information on how to comply with local tax requirements (sales tax, business personal property tax, etc). This free booklet can be obtained by clicking here.