National Western Stock Show Complex

National Western Stock Show Complex

Saying that continuing Denver’s participation in the Regional Tourism Authority (RTA) application flies in the face of logic and is akin to ‘squatting on your spurs’, Denver Auditor Dennis Gallagher called on the city to take steps immediately to end Denver’s participation in the process. In a letter, Wednesday, to Mayor Michael Hancock and Council President Chris Nevitt, Gallagher said that continuing with the application would delay formulating a plan to provide for a viable future for the Stock Show in Denver.

The application, currently, is a joint effort by Denver and Aurora for a state tax subsidy to build a hotel and convention complex in Aurora that would include a move of the National Western Stock Show to the complex. Gallagher and others strongly oppose the move as well as the RTA application.

In the letter, Gallagher said that he was analyzing some options that he believes can lead to the development of a strategy that will not only provide for a viable future for the Stock Show in Denver but also have a more far-reaching economic development component.

"I am pleased to report to you that some of the options I am investigating are very exciting and can have a profoundly positive economic impact on our City and the region," Gallagher wrote.

Read the letter to Mayor Michael Hancock and Councilman President Chris Nevitt.

Posted on Nov 02, 2011 (Archive on Jun 30, 2012)
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