Gallagher Audit Process Breaks New Ground

Gallagher Audit Process Breaks New Ground

(Denver) Two key audits will be briefed before Denver’s Independent Audit Committee at its regular meeting on Thursday morning.  One of those audits will feature groundbreaking methodology.


Denver Auditor Dennis Gallagher, who also chairs the Audit Committee, stated that the audit of Denver’s 311 system used for the first time in a performance audit statistically valid polling surveys of Denver users of the 311 system. 


“In assessing the performance of the 311 system, we thought it important to gauge the experience and attitude of those who use the system; we wanted to know from the citizens stand point whether the system is working or not; how happy are people with it; are there areas that it could be improved,” Gallagher said.


The audit field work process often involves interviewing those involved with the audit subject or who make use of it.  The use of the polling in this circumstance allowed that ‘interviewing’ to a larger segment of the population who use the system.


“We are very excited that the use of this tool, allowed us to sample a viewpoint about a city service that logistically we could not have done otherwise.  We continue to break new ground in performance auditing and that is why the Denver Model is creating such interest, nationwide,” Gallagher said.


The Audit Committee meets the third Thursday of every month at 8:00 A.M. in the Parr Widener Room of the City and County Building, 1457 Bannock.  The meetings are open to the public and televised on Denver’s Channel 8.  This month’s meeting is August 16.

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