Auditor Wins Knighton Award

Auditor Wins Knighton Award

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Denver Wins National Award for Best Performance Audit

ALGA Knighton Award Given to Auditor’s Office


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7/18/2013                                                                                            Denis Berckefeldt



(Denver) Denver Auditor Dennis Gallagher’s Office has been awarded the 2012 Silver Knighton Award for best performance audit by the Association of Local Government Auditors (ALGA). The Award will be formally presented at ALGA’s Annual Conference in Nashville, TN, May 6, 2013.

The audit, Police Records Management System IT General Controls, was judged on several key elements, such as the potential for significant impact, the persuasiveness

of the conclusions, the focus on improving government efficiency and effectiveness, and

its clarity, conciseness and innovation.

“I am very pleased about this recognition, said Auditor Gallagher.  “We have been doing groundbreaking work in the area of performance auditing and in particular in the area of IT auditing.  Very few audit shops have the capability in this area that we do and this demonstrates how important our commitment to Performance and IT auditing is.” 

The audit assessed the information technology (IT) general controls related to the Police

Department’s Records Management System. Auditors used sophisticated information

technology techniques to audit police system operations and security, including the

Oracle database and its related applications. Technical audit results were communicated

in simple and understandable terms.

The audit found electronic public safety records were at risk of total loss due to several

deficiencies, including the absence of a disaster recovery plan, lack of backup files and

offsite storage, lack of recovery tests, inadequate change management and system

administration and security deficiencies. The audit also found backup tasks were failing

due to inadequate server disk space.

Gallagher noted that the audit had the desired effect of discovering problems, offering solutions and seeing those recommendations implemented.

“This is how the process ideally works: we discovered problems; as we discovered those problems, we immediately reported them – as they were found and before the audit was finished – and management was able to address them and resolve them before a disaster occurred.  Many of the issues we found were fixed before the audit was finished and reported,” Gallagher said.  I am so proud of the Audit Services teams we have assembled for the exemplary work they are doing, work that is reflected in this award.

Each year, local government audit organizations from around the U.S. and Canada

submit their best performance audit reports for judging. The purpose of the competition

is to improve government services by encouraging and increasing levels of excellence

among local government auditors. Judges from peer organizations determined that this

audit was among the best of 2012.

The Knighton Award is named for Lennis M. Knighton, considered to be the father of modern performance auditing.  The Award was originally given in 1996.  This is Denver’s first Award.

Audit Services is headed up by Director Kip Memmott and the IT Audit team responsible for the audit is headed by Deputy Director Audrey Donavan and Stephen Coury.  The audit can be found on the Audit Services link on the Auditor’s website,

The Association of Local Government Auditors is a national professional organization

founded in 1985 committed to supporting and improving local government auditing

through advocacy, collaboration, education, and training, while upholding and

promoting the highest standards of professional ethics


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