2011 Health Assessment of Denver

A Report on the Health Status of the Residents of Denver

The Health of Denver 2011 report was developed by the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) at the City and County of Denver and Denver Public Health (DPH), a department of the Denver Health and Hospital Authority.

The purposes of the report are to:

  • Identify important health trends in Denver
  • Show changes in health in Denver over time
  • Compare health outcomes in Denver to the state of Colorado and to national goals
  • Identify disparities in health in Denver

To produce this report, a core group of staff met over the past year. This group identified topics and data sources, engaged partners, and developed tools to assess health. A broad array of experts and community stakeholders participated in choosing the measures, identifying data sources, and recognizing key trends.

This report is divided into 14 topic areas. These include:

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