Access to Care in Denver:

Progress Report of the Denver Access to Care Task Force (click to view the full report) 

Report Introduction: One in five Denver residents, more than 100,000 persons, lacks health insurance, and an even higher number lack dental insurance, making it difficult to obtain medical, behavioral, and dental care.  This report details the work to date of the Denver Access to Care Task Force, established in 2013 to identify goals and strategies for improving access to care in Denver, one of the city’s two key priorities for improving the health of Denver residents over the next five years.  The Task Force will support the expansion of health care coverage under the ACA, facilitate the enrollment of at least 40,000 persons in Denver in Medicaid and the new insurance exchange in 2014, work to increase Denver’s insured population from 83% to 94% by 2018, and take steps to improve coordination among safety net providers and community-based organizations in the city.


CHIP: HEAL and Access to Care Progress Reports

August 2013

These progress reports are summaries of all of work completed by the Healthy Eating & Active Living Task Force as well as the Access to Care, Including Behavioral Health Task Force.  

CHIP 2-page Progress Report August 2013

CHIP Full Progress Report August 2013