Bike Parking in The Right of Way

Bicycle Parking is an important element to the overall transportation system in Denver. Providing parking for bicycles near employment, retail and other destinations ensures options for this non-motorized mode of transportation. The City regulates the type and position of bike racks on public property to ensure the highest usability and safety.

For more information on the proposed Bike Parking Rules & Regulations, click here:

Bike Parking Rules and Regulations

Public Works is pleased to accept applications for bike parking at any time. Currently, the eligibility for City funding is closed, but any business can apply for bike parking at any time to procure and install on their own. Learn more in the drop down menu below and APPLY HERE.

  • To expand Denver's multi-modal transportation options as seen through the Strategic Transportation Plan 
  • To provide dedicated, end-of-trip parking for people on bikes
  • To increase compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act and ensure pedestrian comfort in the sidewalk area

To learn more about Denver's Bicycle Parking Program, view the following presentation that will be presented to the Denver Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation (May 14 at 6:00pm).

Click on the Inverted U or Bicycle Corral standards below to learn more about Denver's bicycle parking standards.

Inverted U Standards

Bicycle Corral Standards
The Bike Parking Program creates a streamlined process to apply for bike parking in the Public Right-of-Way, provides new options for both on-the-sidewalk inverted u-racks and in-the-parking lane bike corrals, and updates design standards for both bike parking types.  The Program will also provide City Funding for those applications that meet the highest demand for bike parking as part of Denver’s Transportation System.

If you have an identified need for bike parking in the public right-of-way and would like to apply for a rack or bicycle corral, please complete this application and send it to While anyone can apply and pay for the bicycle parking facility, the permit holder must be the adjacent property owner. Thus, if the application is submitted by someone other than the adjacent property owner, the property owner's information must be included in the application.
For additional information on bicycle parking in Denver, contact

More Information

If a property owner wants to install a bike rack on his/her existing property, he/she is able to do so at their discretion. However, the City would encourage property owners to select a rack of functional design and place it in a location visible to the entrance. 

Any new development must comply with the bicycle parking regulations in the new zoning code (see Article 10).

RTD's bike-n-Ride program combines bikes with transit, making it easy to get around with your bike. It's a healthy, economical and environmentally friendly way to commute to work, school or recreational activities. The bike-n-Ride program gives you information on bike lockers and transporting your bike on the light rail or RTD bus system.

For more information, see

Bicycle lockers are encouraged for use by employees and bicycle commuters to offer a secure facility in which to park a bicycle. RTD provides bicycle parking at certain transit station areas, and other private entities provide bicycle lockers for assigned use.


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