Miscellaneous Information

1. Zoning Codes and maps are available for purchase at the Department of Zoning Administration, 201 W Colfax Av, Second Floor Cashier Counter, telephone 720-865-3200.

2. The Board's proceedings are ruled by the Denver Zoning Code, which also prescribes that the Board must have Rules of Procedure. The following forms are available online as listed below and are also available in the Office of the Board of Adjustment for Zoning Appeals, 201 W Colfax Av, Room 2.H.2, telephone 720-913-3050. (See the Price List page.) 
         Rules of Procedure for the Board -
               Please note that these rules are under revision. The new rules will need to be adopted by  
               City Council before they can be adopted.
         Excerpts from the Code on the Forms of Relief
         Zoning Appeal Applications
         Power of Attorney forms

All records of the Board are public records and are open for review. (For copies, see the Price List page.)

4. All hearings are recorded. Written transcripts are prepared only on cases which are appealed to District Court, and when ordered by the Court at the Plaintiff’s expense. However, a duplicate tape may be made of the hearing.