Public Notification Sign

Posting Of Your Notification Sign Is Critical !!

The Board of Adjustment provides a Notice of Public Hearing for each appeal case and should be posted on the subject property for a minimum of 10 days. The public notice sign is blue and measures 44" X 28". It is the only official notice the immediate neghbors will receive concerning the hearing and contains information on the subject of the case; therefore, it is very important the directions and timeframes are followed precisely.

Post the Notification Sign in accordance with the instructions on the sheet attached to the sign when it is picked up.

Failure to post by 8:00 AM of the Saturday listed on the application may result in dismissal of your case.

The sign must be:
  • Easily seen from the front of the property and readable from the street. If the property faces two streets the sign should be located on the street with the numbered address.
  • At least 1 foot but not more than 12 feet off the ground.
  • Not more than 15 feet away from the sidewalk or property line.
  • Posted outside in a conspicuous place and not behind glass, trees, bushes, or vehicles. Do not post it inside a window at any time.
  • Fastened solidly so that it will not blow away or bend. (The instruction sheet has examples showing how to stake, staple or wire it in place.)
  • Posted a full ten days up to  the hearing day. Consider putting up your sign on the Friday evening before the posting date indicated to be sure the posting is timely. It is your responsibility to see that it remains posted the entire ten (10) days as required. Consider posting your sign on Friday evening before the date indicated to be sure posting is timely.

On all major construction, (e.g. new structures or floor area additions), posting a scale drawing for the project of at least a site plan and elevations is recommended but not required. It is best if the drawings are prepared by a professional architect, engineer, or designer.

Help us recycle!

Please bring your sign back at the time of your hearing so that we can recycle it. We can clean off the old lettering and reuse the sign board for another applicant.