(1) All Registered Neighborhood Organizations (R.N.O.s) in your area are notified by the Board, and receive a copy of your application. You will also receive a copy of your application, as well as a copy of the R.N.O. notification form. (See Tips & also Miscellaneous Information.)
(2)notification sign (44” x 28”) will be made up in the office of the Board for you to pick up and post conspicuously for a continuous ten (10) day period immediately prior to the hearing. (See Tips section.) Note: If you cannot pick up the sign during office hours, 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. Monday through Friday, please call the office and make special arrangements to obtain the sign after hours.
(3) Where any property is held in common ownership in a condominium, the Applicant shall contact (at least 10 days prior to hearing) the condominium association and shall obtain a Power of Attorney from the Board of the condominium association.

Appeals for Administrative Review by Other than the Owner, Owner's Agent, or Tenant of the Premises: Appeals for Administrative Review filed by an aggrieved party other than the owner, the owner’s agent or the tenant of the subject property (e.g., a neighbor), shall be filed on the special Administrative Review Application (see Forms page to download). Include the name(s) of the Applicant(s) and the name(s) of the landowner(s). The notification sign shall be posted near the subject property,(such as on the adjacent public-right-way) but not on private property.

NOTE: The Code provides that any person aggrieved may appeal a Zoning Action to the Board. A Registered Neighborhood Organization (see Section 41-19 R. M. C.) may file an appeal if the property concerned falls within the neighborhood it represents.