Types of Cases

Actions That Can Be Appealed
Appeals may be made from one of the following documents:
  1. A Denial of a Zoning Permit,
  2. An Order to Cease and Desist
  3. An Action or Determination of the Zoning Administration.

More detail can be found in the Summary Table of Authority and Notice at Section 12.2.7 of the Denver Code.


Requirements for an Appeal

  1.  You must have some Action in writing from Zoning in order to appeal.
  2. All appeals have to be filed within fifteen days of the Zoning Administration’s action, unless an extended filing period is specifically authorized by Zoning.


By filing an appeal, any action of the Zoning Administration is stayed until the hearing. 


Filing a Zoning Permit with Special Exception Review (ZPSE)

This is not technically an appeal as the Board is the deciding agency and has original jurisdiction. You may need to file a ZPSE for certain uses, such as an outdoor eating area in specified zone districts.  A pre-application conference is required prior to filing this request with the Board's office.