May 26, 2005

Board of Ethics
May 26, 2005


1. Chair Carolyn Lievers called the meeting to order at 1:35 pm. Also present were members Leonard Plank, Christopher Weimer and Leslie Lawson. Also attending was Lori Mack, who will be jointly-appointed to the Board of Ethics by the Mayor and City Council in the next few weeks. Ann Terry was absent. (She is newly appointed by the Mayor and was out of town.)

2. It was moved, seconded and passed unanimously to approve the minutes of the April 28, 2005 Board of Ethics meeting.

3. Staff Director Michael Henry reported that he had submitted to the Finance Office the mid-year 2% budget reduction, required from all city agencies. He introduced the new budget analyst for the Board of Ethics, Kelly Greunke and her supervisor Leigh Oliver, who described the process and deadlines for each agency to submit budget requests for fiscal/calendar year 2006. The deadline for submission is June 17, 2005. The goal is for each agency to reduce its (already reduced by 2%) 2005 budget by an additional approximate 3%. The Board and the analysts discussed which items can be reduced. The Board reiterated its strong hope that a supplemental appropriation of approximately $7000 can be sought and approved in mid-2005 for the printing of 10,000 updated ethics handbooks for city employees.

4. City employees Chantal Unfug, Karen Brennan and Matt Robbins, who are volunteer members of the City Spirit fundraising committee, summarized and answered questions regarding a request for an advisory opinion about fundraising methods that will comply with the Code of Ethics.

5. Board members requested the Staff Director to draft a policy to remind Board members of the need to value confidentiality of matters reviewed by the Board of Ethics, balanced by the requirements of the Colorado Open Records Act, the procedural requirements of the Code of Ethics and the need to inform city employees, officers and officials and the public of decisions by the Board of Ethics.

6. The Board nominated and unanimously elected Leslie M. Lawson and Leonard P. Plank to serve as chair and vice-chair, respectively, of the Board of Ethics for one-year terms.

7. The Board expressed great appreciation for the dedicated service to the city and valuable contributions to the Board of Ethics by outgoing Board members Charles F. Savage and Christopher C. Weimer.

8. It was moved, seconded and passed unanimously to go into executive session to deliberate on Case 05-11.

9. The Board adjourned at 2:55 pm following the executive session.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Henry, Staff Director

Approved by Board of Ethics: June 23, 2005