April 18, 2002

Board of Ethics
April 18, 2002

Chair Harry MacLean called the meeting to order at 1:45 pm. Members Christopher Weimer, Charles Savage and Carolyn Lievers were also present and Denise Maes was absent.

June Twinam of Twinam and Associates, on contract with the City to provide ethics training, reported to the Board on the status of the training. As of April 17, 2002, approximately 271 City mid-level managers have received 4-hour ethics training during 10 training sessions from Ms. Twinam and approximately 220 are registered for the remaining 10 sessions. She is presently almost finished with 4 days of sessions specifically designed to train the City trainers who will then train the rank and file City employees by the end of 2002. She is also preparing interactive web-based training for the City employees who will be unable to attend classroom training.

Harry MacLean advised the Board that he and Staff Director Michael Henry met with Deputy Manager of Safety Tracy Howard to discuss developing a streamlined process to review individual requests for waivers from Department of Safety employees from the prohibition in the Code of Ethics against employees being in a direct line of supervision over members of their immediate family. He expects that the process will be completed for the Board to discuss at its May meeting.

The Board reviewed the monthly budget report.

Harry MacLean summarized the proposed change to the Rules of Procedure of the Board of Ethics, which had been distributed to the agenda mailing list of the Board. The proposal provides a more detailed procedure for hearings on inquiries, including time-lines and the responsibility of the Board to prepare and issue a Notice of Hearing. Michael Henry reported that no one had submitted comments in advance and no person gave any comments at this time. Assistant City Attorney Stan Sharoff indicated that he believed the proposal was clear and was legally acceptable. Charles Savage moved and Christopher Weimer seconded to adopt the proposed changes. The motion passed unanimously.

The Board members discussed a redrafted document entitled Voluntary Undertaking Regarding Political Activities by Members of the Denver Board of Ethics and Regarding Acceptance of Gifts. The four Board members in attendance agreed to sign the document, which will substitute for the resolution on the same subject adopted by the board on January 24, 2002.

Carolyn Lievers and Michael Henry presented two separate drafts of Guidelines Regarding Payment for Travel and Lodging Expenses, which is intended to provide guidance regarding recent Board advisory opinions on the subject. A single revised draft will be prepared by Carolyn Lievers, Harry MacLean and Michael Henry.

Christopher Weimer moved and Charles Savage seconded to go into executive session to deliberate on cases 02-14 through 02-20. The motion passed unanimously.

Following the executive session, the meeting adjourned at 4:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Henry

Approved by the Board of Ethics on May 23, 2002