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Nov 13 2014 (564 reads)

Wednesday November 19, 2014


Jul 16 2014 (229 reads)
This is a selected set of summarized opinions given by the Denver Board of Ethics between January 1 and June 30, 2014, in response to fact-specific requests for advisory opinions or complaints. View document
Jun 05 2014 (250 reads)
On May 21, 2014, the Board of Ethics unanimously re-elected Edgar Neel as Chair and Brian Spano as Vice-Chair for one-year terms.

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Feb 14 2014 (293 reads)

The Denver Board of Ethics hereby submits its thirteenth annual report to the Mayor and City Council, as required by Section 2-66 of the Denver Code of Ethics.   Read the full report

Oct 30 2013 (277 reads)
The Board of Ethics just published the new updated 2013 Ethics Handbook for all Denver employees, elected officials and board and commission members.

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All requests for advisory opinions, citizen inquiries or complaints must be submitted either by email or in writing to: 
Executive Director:
L. Michael Henry
 201 West Colfax Avenue  # 2H13
Dept 703 (for U.S. mail)
Denver, CO 80202

How to Request Ethical Advice

The Board of Ethics, if requested, gives official written advisory opinions to city employees, elected officers and board and commission members about Code of Ethics issues... Learn more