Denver Boards and Commissions - About Us

Mayor Michael B. Hancock appoints approximately 700 people to serve on over 130 City and County of Denver Boards and Commissions.

Our office manages this process of recruiting, interviewing and recommending candidates.



Civic engagement, defined as, “Active participation and collaboration among individuals, government and the private sector to influence and determine decisions that affect the citizen public”, is the cornerstone of our democracy. We encourage you to apply for those that meet your interest, skills and/or qualifications. Please keep in mind that this content is only indicative of boards and/or commissions for which the Mayor appoints applicants. Your application will be kept on file for a period of two years, during which time you will be considered for any vacancies.


To assure full consideration of your application for a board or commission appointment, it is important to review the responsibilities and requirements.


Certain boards and/or commissions may require special qualifications, i.e. professional licensing or experience and geographic location.


When applying please read and take the following steps:


* Locate the board and/or commission(s) of interest to you


* Prepare a letter of interest for each board and/or commission addressed to Mayor Michael Hancock * Complete a separate application for each board and/or commission



(Applications can be found on this web site or by calling Mayor Hancock office at 720-865-9090. Applications may be duplicated.)


* Attach a current resume or biography to your application


* Submit the application packet at least 45 days prior to the vacancy date for positions that are currently occupied


* Mail or fax the complete packet for each board and/or commission for which you are applying for to:


The Honorable Michael Hancock, Mayor,
Attn: Anthony Aragon, Director, Boards and Commissions
City and County of Denver
1437 Bannock St., Room 350
Denver, Colorado 80202
Phone: (720)865-9032
Fax: (720)865-8787


Due to monthly updates, this information may be subject to change without notice.

Information contained in this publication is available in alternate formats upon request.