E-mail Signature Template

First Name Last Name | Title
Agency/Department | City and County of Denver
720.xxx.xxxx Phone | 720.xxx.xxxx Cell

E-mail Signature Instructions

  1. Copy the text and logo from the e-mail signature example above.
  2. On the Outlook Main Window Go to Tools > Options
  3. Click the Mail Format tab, Click on the Signatures Button
  4. Click New and Name your signature.
  5. Paste copied signature into the empty text box
  6. Simply change the information to yours.
  7. To set the hyperlink within your new signature, highlight your email address (just the blue hyperlink portion) and click on the icon in the above right that looks like a globe and chain link. An “Edit Hyperlink” box will open. In the field that reads, “Mail to first.last@denvergov.org,” add your name instead and click OK.
  8. Select all of the text, right click and select Paragraph. Then make sure the line spacing is set to Single, then ClickOK.
  9. While your text is still selected, make sure your Font Type is Arial and your Font Size is a minimum of 7.5 but no larger than 9.
  10. On the Mail Format tab, choose Name of your new signature if you made one for Reply use the proper name for that.
  11. Choose Signature Name in New Drop Box, For Reply Make a signature without a logo by copying the text only and following steps 1-7 again.
  12. Click OK to finish.
  13. You can check to see that your signature is working properly by opening a new e-mail message. Your signature should appear automatically in your e-mail.

PLEASE NOTE: Personal quotes, background colors and patterns, etc. should not be used in the email signature. However, department mission statements are acceptable when necessary. It is also permissible to add certain standardized language, such as legal disclosure policies or requests to minimize paper usage, but no additional icons should be used.