30% Design

CCD’s Design Team submitted the final 30% design package to the City on July 15, 2011.

During the 30% design effort the Design Team worked with various departments within CCD to make modifications to the Environmental Assessment Conceptual Design (click here for EA design). These modifications included expanding the multi-use trail system within the project limits, modifying the horizontal alignment of Broadway near Tennessee and near Ohio to improve safety, modifying the multi-use trail crossing of Broadway at Kentucky to a more linear alignment, and modifying the Exposition Extension alignment to tie into RTD’s I-25 Broadway Station at the same location as the existing Ohio tie-in to the Station area. (click here for current design). 

Project Overview and Refinements

The purpose of the planned improvements to South Broadway, Arizona to Exposition and the I-25 Interchange is to create a corridor that provides safe and efficient mobility for all transportation modes (pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and automobile); promote transit-oriented development; and to accommodate the existing, future and planned developments along the South Broadway corridor.

This project consists of the reconstruction of South Broadway from Arizona Avenue to Exposition Avenue, Ohio Avenue from the east approach of Lincoln Street to Broadway, and Mississippi Avenue between the Consolidated Main Line Railway and Logan Street. It includes realignment and reconstruction of three of the I-25 interchange ramps. An extension of Exposition Avenue will be constructed to provide the northern access into RTD’s I-25 & Broadway Station.
Project Elements
South Broadway to be reconstructed and widened to accommodate eight travel lanes, turn lanes, landscaped raised medians and widened sidewalks, which will serve both pedestrians and bicyclists.  Click here to view South Broadway Typical Section Concept)  Initially, in an effort to make the corridor more pedestrian/bicycle friendly, the outside lane in each direction will be utilized for vehicular parking. It will remain this way until it is determined that the lanes are needed to mitigate negative impacts by vehicular traffic.

I-25 Interchange:
Northbound: Ramps to be reconfigured to improve traffic operations, increase northbound I-25 on-ramp radius and realign northbound off-ramp. (Click here to view loop ramp open space concept) (Click here to view loop ramp open space typical section)

I-25 on-ramp to be replaced with a new ramp “the wedge ramp”, which will improve traffic operations along Broadway. The alignment of this ramp will be different from what is there today. The new alignment will begin at a point along south bound Broadway, just north of I-25. It will continue under the I-25 Viaduct, where it will change direction and head east over Broadway and connect to southbound I-25 where it does today.

Surrounding Roadways:
Mississippi Avenue: To be reconstructed and widened from Logan Street to the Consolidated Main Line Railway to accommodate turn lanes, raised medians, parking and widened sidewalks Click here to view Mississippi Avenue Typical Section Concept)

Exposition Avenue:
To be reconstructed and widened from Lincoln to Broadway, to accommodate turn lanes, parking on the south side of the street and widened sidewalks.   

Exposition Avenue Extension:
To be constructed west of Broadway to replace the existing Ohio Avenue access into the RTD I-25 & Broadway Station.

Ohio Avenue at the I-25 Ramp Terminals:
To be reconfigured from South Broadway to the northbound I-25 off-ramp; the reconfiguration will help prevent cut-through traffic in the adjacent residential neighborhood.

Multi-Modal Focus:
Pedestrian and Bike Mobility:A priority of the project is pedestrian and bicycle mobility—the ease and comfort by which people can navigate the area on foot and by bike. The project area is at the nexus of many neighborhoods, roads and transit modes. It is surrounded by established neighborhoods and future planned developments that will bring additional residents, visitors, destinations and vehicles to the area. The project team has focused on establishing safe and comfortable places and passages for pedestrians and bicycles traveling through the area, whether connecting to transit, home, work, restaurants, retail, parks or trails. Sidewalks will be continuous and widened to 8 feet or 10 feet; street tree canopies will mature to provide shade and to lend identity to this section of South Broadway; street and pedestrian lighting will appropriately illuminate the corridor; and traffic signalization and street crossings will be coordinated for pedestrian safety. The designated bike route along Logan will be directly connected to a new multi-use trail along the north side of Mississippi and lead west to an access ramp to the South Platte River trail. In areas where there is more generous space beyond the sidewalks, such as under the I-25 viaduct west of Broadway within the wedge ramp and within the loop-shaped I-25 on-ramp serving northbound I-25—the design team has applied a placemaking sensibility to create layered landscapes that establish a human scale and are visually pleasing.   Click here to view Multi-Use Paths map