Gas Service Contractor Supervisor

Scope of Work  
To install, add to, alter or repair the following equipment which utilizes gas or liquid fuel: Gas and liquid fuel piping. Gas and liquid fuel controls. Commercial cooking equipment. After burners. Ranges. Dryers. Conversion burners. Venting of domestic water heaters, dryers and incinerators. Water heaters not exceeding 100 MBtu input. Low voltage wiring which does not exceed 48 volts and is not enclosed in a conduit or raceway.  All work to be done under the on site supervision of a Gas Service Supervisor Certificate or a Heating and Ventilating Class A Supervisor Certificate.  
ICC Exam #N33 National Standard Master Gas Pipefitter  
Minimum Experience Required To Apply        
 (6) years in gas fitting work consisting of the following experience:      
       1.   Four- (4) years field installation experience in an apprentice or
             on-the-job  training  program completing a minimum of 7,000 hours.        
       2.   Two- (2) years field installation experience as a Designer or Supervisor.   
Form and Required Documents
Certificate Application 
Affidavit of Lawful Presence can schedule ICC testing once an application has been approved.